We are recruiting new agents!

Do you want to earn money online, earn side income or work at home?
If your answer is yes, then you are in the right page.

Getting Started

We have designed a platform for you to run your own assisted online fashion shop. You'll earn commission for each product sold.


Not to mention these excellent services that we are providing to make your shop even better!

Website Maintenance

We will manage and update your website from time to time to make sure it stays competitive.

Zero Inventory

Your do not have to spend a single cent to purchase stocks and the cost to manage them.


Your customers will receive notifications via SMS or E-mail on important updates regarding orders and related.

Payment Gateway

Safe & convenient online shopping experience by reliable payment gateway provider. Your customers can pay via Credit Cards or Direct Debit in your shop.


Work smart, do not work hard. You will have access to the powerful tools used by the professionals.

Facebook Tabs

We have a set of Facebook applications for you to add to your Facebook Page to gain more functions.

Facebook Photo Albums

We have a list of photo albums of our products for you to upload to your Facebook Page.

Want to Contact us?

If you have any enquiries regarding this agent plan, please feel free to write to us. We are very happy to help you!

[email protected]